Project Outputs 

Video clip of GESEA4EU training in action available

The project team recently published a short video clip showing GESEA4EU training in action. Take a look at this clip to get an idea for yourself of what is involved in basic Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy training. If you would like to find out which centres in Europe are providing such training, take a look under the GESEA4EU Events section.


D5.6 Project Website

The GESEA4EU website as an extension of the GESEA website. It was developed in the initial 3 months of the project and went live at the end of April to coincide with the official launch of GESEA4EU at the end of M3.

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Deliverable D5.1 Dissemination and Communication Plan and Pranding Guide

6th July 2023

This deliverable provides a detailed description of the dissemination and communication activities to be undertaken by the project team including the different channels to be established and used for this purpose. It elaborates on the overall approach to be taken and includes details on evaluation, management and planning.

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Deliverable 2.1 Standardised GESEA Training Modules

1st June 2023

This deliverable provides a summary of the Standardised Training Modules to be taken up in the GESEA Educational Programme.

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