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Robotics Modules

Figure 14

Schematic Representation of the Robotics Learning Modules

R1. Robotics
This course aims to introduce participants to the modern landscape of robotic-assisted surgery, to explain the main features available and to incorporate a training and simulation exercises that will prepare surgeons for GESEA Robotics certification.

Type: Hybrid (online and on-site)

Applicable to: Specialist Professionals

R2. Robotics for Nurses
Nurses, as members of the robotic surgical team, must demonstrate a very good level of professional knowledge, and be an expert in robotic technology. This course will teach nurses about e-nursing skills, creation and revision of guidelines and specific protocols following best practice rules.

Type: Hybrid (online and on-site)

Applicable to: Nurses

R3. Robotics for Training Specialists
The Robotics Train-the-Trainer module for Specialists focusses on how to teach the robotics learning modules and GESEA exercises to gynaecological surgeons. It provides instruction on the essential skills needed to get results in the classroom and will teach candidate trainers how to best make the connection between the robotic skill training and the surgical procedures.

Type: Hybrid (online and on-site)

Applicable to: Trainers

R4. Robotics for Training Nurses
The Robotics Train-the-Trainer module for Nurses focusses on how to properly instruct the learning modules to nurses. It will identify the essential components of an effective training session and highlight the role of the nurse during robotic assisted surgery in relation to the offered training methodology.

Type: On-site

Applicable to: Trainers

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