Pathways GESEA Educational Programme

What is GESEA?

Structured educational programme for Gynaecological Endoscopy

The Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgical Education and Assessment (GESEA) programme:

is a structured educational programme for Gynaecological (MIGS) and reproductive (ECRES) Endoscopy

trains and certifies knowledge andpractical skills prior to surgical competence

follows the European–American Joint Recommendation stating that each hospital teaching endoscopic surgery should make available an endoscopic dry lab for training and improving the proficiency of the endoscopic surgery skills of the physician.

spans over three distinct levels offering learning modules for all levels of proficiency

Through its 2 main pathways in level 2, it teaches and assesses the knowledge, skills and surgical skills needed for minimal invasive gynaecological surgeon (MIGS), reproductive endoscopic surgeons (ECRES) and for both pathways a Robotics dimension in psychomotor skills is provided (Robotics).


Knowledge is trained through e-learning materials available on ESGE Academy. The acquisition of knowledge is assessed through online quizzes.


A series of well defined exercises on laparoscopy, laparoscopic suturing, hysteroscopy and robotics train the psychomotor skills of GESEA participants.


Surgical competence is measured through assessment of standardised procedures by expert review via responsible organization ( for example: ESGE for MIGS, ESHRE for ECRES).

GESEA Pathways

MIGS, ECRES and Robotics

The GESEA Educational Programme currently provides two distinct pathways, offering educational content in various skills and specialities.

GESEA Levels

From Level 1 to 3

The GESEA Educational Programme is structured in three proficiency levels which progressively build on each other. One must fulfill the criteria

for each level before gaining access and progressing to the next level.

The first level is the GESEA universal entry gate for the basic training of endoscopy psychomotor skills. The GESEA Educational Programme is fully focused on providing doctors the necessary knowledge and skills to start their training in the operating room.


The Level 1 Certificate is the same for each of the two pathways in level 2.

The second level of the GESEA Educational Programme prepares doctors, for either MIGS or Reproductive surgery (ECRES) level 2 endoscopic procedures in the operating room.

The two pathways have both shared and pathway-specific learning modules, with separate certifications and diplomas.

For both pathways the Robotic certificate/diploma is optional.

Gesea Level 2

The third level of the GESEA Educational Programme is the expert level and is currently under development. It will focus on sub-specialities such as oncology, difficult endometriosis surgery, advanced reproductive surgery as well as expert-level hysteroscopy.