GESEA Learning Modules

General Modules

The general learning modules offer general knowledge and skills important within the scope of the educational programme for each of the different target groups.

GESEA Fig 11 GENERAL Learning Modules

Schematic Representation of the General Learning Modules

G1. Remote Consultations
E-learning module that will teach how to organise remote consultations or hybrid consultations (both online and on-site). It will teach how to set up a digital patient workflow and correctly involving physicians, nurses and administrative staff in the patient journey. It will provide a solution to continued medical health care in scenarios where on-site visits are restricted or when consultations need to be upscaled. It will combine the experiences as gathered through the concept of the Digital Hysteroscopic Centre.

Type: Online

Applicable to: General Medicine, Specialist Professionals, Nurses, Non-Clinical Staff

G2. Endoscopic Surgery and Patient Wellbeing

E-learning module that informs and raises awareness of endoscopic surgery and its positive impact on general patient wellbeing targeted at general practitioners. It will highlight the current technical evolutions and showcase what type of treatments can be performed through endoscopic surgery.

Type: Online

Applicable to: General Medicine

G3. GESEA Educational Programme

E-learning introduction module that explains the principles of the educational programme, its relevance,
value and its scope. This module will not just address healthcare professionals, but also non-clinical staff that will either support the programme from an administrative point of view or the management that will need to assess the validity of the programme in their centre.

Type: Online

Applicable to: Specialist Professionals, Nurses, Non-Clinical Staff, Trainers

G4. GESEA Administration

E-learning module that will instruct the non-clinical staff on how to successfully run the GESEA Educational Programme from an administrative point of view by managing test and/or certification sessions as part of their educational offerings.

Type: Online

Applicable to: Non-Clinical Staff

G5. Motivation and Communication

Hybrid module that will teach GESEA Trainers how to give courses that truly engage the participants and keeps them motivated. It will also address how to best communicate with course participants and deal with unforeseen circumstances or difficult participants.

Type: Hybrid (online and on-site)

Applicable to: Trainers

G6. Managing Online Training Sessions

The recent COVID19 restrictions have forced new ways to approach training. This online training module will illustrate how an online course can successfully be set up achieving similar learning outcomes as an on-site course.

Type: Online

Applicable to: Non-Clinical Staff, Trainers

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